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Hello!  Welcome to Molliver’s Travels.

If you do not know me, I am Molly and you can learn some more stuff on the About Me page.

Molliver’s Travels started in 2017 after I quit my job and decided to go on a 5-month trip around the world. This sparked my interest in creating a travel blog that has slowly morphed over time. I am not a photographer or a writer, but I love doing both and I hope to entertain, teach,  and spark interest.

I’ve broken the website down into these categories for a bit of organization:

  • Blog – A diary of a trip I am on or “Random thoughts by Molly”.
  • How To – Advice mostly about travel and helping the environment with some random topics mixed in.
  • Tips and Tricks – Ideas on where to stay, restaurants to eat at, and things to do.


About Me

A Little About Me…

I am just a typical girl from Ohio that caught a travel bug. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family that introduced me to traveling through spring break trips to Florida and a couple trips out west.

My Beautiful Family (From the left: Tina, Theo, Michael (Brother), Dad (Ted), Mom (Ruth), Alexa, Doug (Brother), Gus, Me)

A snap shot of my life:

  • Hometown: Hilliard, OH
  • College Education: Virginia Tech, Chemical Engineering
  • First Job: Mars Petcare, Reno, Nevada (then transferred to Nashville, TN)
  • Hobbies: Hiking, snowboarding, camping, kayaking, climbing, eating, watching movies, and sleeping.

Why travel…

I will always remember seeing the Rockies for the first time. I was eight on a road trip with my family of five plus my grandparents all jammed into a van. I looked out the window and saw what I thought were big clouds sitting on the horizon. I was amazed to find out they were mountains, real mountains. I instantly became obsessed and have spent my time since searching for the most unique and majestic mountain landscapes this planet has to offer. The first chance I got, I moved to the mountains near the beautiful Virginia Tech campus. After college, I chased bigger mountains in the Sierra Nevadas near Reno. I let my job remove me from the west for a promotion, but I got my mountain fix through annual vacations to Iceland, Norway, Thailand, and Patagonia. In addition to the larger trips, I flew out west any chance I got with work or for annual snowboarding trips. I can’t get enough.

My other obsession is scuba diving. I grew up thinking the ocean was this big scary body of water with murky shores and critters that would bite you. Thanks to my high school geology teacher and the loving support of my parents, I found out about an educational trip to the Bahamas. Everything there was so beautiful it was hard to take in. The smooth, white sand and clear waters allowing me to see what I was about to step on left me speechless. This was not the ocean I was used to! After out first snorkeling trip, I was sold. I quickly learned how annoying it is to resurface to breathe, so the next step was getting scuba certified my freshmen year of college. A trip to the Great Barrier Reef followed my diving certification and created the diving obsession. I’ve been chasing the diving high through trips to Jamaica, Hawaii, Thailand, Puerto Rico, and the Galapagos these past few years.

All in all, I’m driven to travel by beautiful terrain or a chance to dive. A combination of both is the ideal trip for me.  Once I had my first real job, I have found a way to do at least one international trip per year along with smaller trips around the US to visit friends and family. My job also allowed me to travel frequently within the US and a few times internationally feeding my addiction to travel.

That is a simple introduction to me and why I love traveling. Enjoy the site!

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