Hello!  Welcome to Molliver’s Travels.

If you do not know me, I am Molly and you can learn some more stuff on the About Me page.

Molliver’s Travels started in 2017 after I quit my job and decided to go on a 5-month trip around the world. This sparked my interest in creating a travel blog that has slowly morphed over time. I am not a photographer or a writer, but I love doing both and I hope to entertain, teach,  and spark interest.

I’ve broken the website down into these categories for a bit of organization:

  • Blog – A diary of a trip I am on or “Random thoughts by Molly”.
  • Travel – Advice about travel and ideas on where to stay, restaurants to eat at, and things to do.
  • Save the Environment – Ways to educate yourself and take action to save the environment.