How to Move Back In with Your Parents

Have you been considering quitting your lame job and enjoying the old comforts of home? It might seem a bit scary and uncomfortable at first, but follow these eight simple steps to make the transition easy and flawless.


  1. Subtly bring up the idea to your parents that you want to quit your job and take some time off. Repeat this until they offer for you to move back home. Boom! You have to say yes to their offer 😉
  2. Quit your job, pack up your stuff, and drive it home! Make sure to inform your siblings when you will arrive so they can unload the truck.

    I’m home!
  3. Stack your things directly in front of your parent’s parking space to remind them everyday you moved home.

    I’m still here!
  4. Move yourself back into your childhood room that your parents have transformed into a nursery for their precious grandchildren – then realize your nephews are precious and deserve your awesome room.

    Sleepovers with the nephews!
  5. Try to become friends with your parents’ cat that used to be your cat and fail miserably.

  6. Immediately raid the refrigerator for any and all delicious leftovers.

    So. Much. Free. Food.
  7. Find your new spot on the couch and go into full loaf mode.

    Don’t just lay on the couch, be the couch
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until your parents kick you out or the cat eats you.


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How to Stay in Shape While Traveling


Travel and vacations are a wonderful necessity in life, but when you are on the road frequently, your overall health can take a hit. People sometimes eat out every meal, have no access to a gym or no time/ desire to go, and drink more alcohol than they do at home. All these things can result in a general crummy feeling and a couple additional pounds to carry around. Want to combat the travel bloat or maintain the progress you’ve made? Try and fit some of these tips into your adventure! They are in no particular order – just pick what works best for you.


1) Find a gym and use it. Join a gym with multiple locations like Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness or stay at a hotel with a gym. That’s the easy part – the hard part is motivating yourself to go. I think going in the morning is the best option to get it out of the way and fuel your day. Remember, 15 minutes in the gym is better than nothing. Don’t have access to a gym? No worries! I’ve only had a total of three gym days after being on the road for over 100 days. There are tons of other options.

2) Walk everywhere. This small thing can really make a difference while traveling. If your destination is a mile or less away, walk there! Your legs will get a nice stretch and you’ll burn some calories. Do make sure to pay attention to the weather, personal safety, and capability.

3) Add physical activity to your agenda. Why not dedicate a day or two to an active adventure? Here’s just a few ideas I could think of:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Snorkeling/ Scuba Diving
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Golfing
  • Skiing/ Snowboarding
  • Ice Skating

4) Do a body weight workout in your room. These are a great option and easier than getting to a gym. A quick google search of  “body weight workouts” will provide hundreds of programs. Here are a couple workouts I have used in the past:

Body Weight Workout 1

Body Weight Workout 2

Body Weight Workout 3

5) Do a yoga video or workout video. Yoga is a great way to build flexibility and strength. Workout videos are also good for cardio and that extra motivation to keep going. Youtube can provide everything you need to get started. I’ve never done a workout video from Youtube (only because I like creating my own workouts because I’m me), but here are a couple yoga and ab videos I have used in the past:

Yoga Video 1

Yoga Video 2

Ab Workout 1

Ab Workout 2

6) Bring a resistance band for working out. The small and light weight bands are simple to carry around and add some “weight” to a workout. These are what I’ve been using on my trip and I love the results. They sell them at any major department store. I bought a pack with three different band strengths to vary the resistance. Check out a couple workouts:

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Band Workout 1 (Skip the woodchopper if you can’t tie the band to something secure)

Resistance Band Workout 2

7) Eat in at least one meal a day. This will save you both calories and money. Buying some oatmeal and fruit for breakfast has kept me on my feet these past couple months on the road. If you have a kitchen, your options are endless. If you don’t have a place to cook, peanut butter bread and a side of fresh vegetables or vegetable wraps are very filling.

8) Cut back on the alcohol. I’m sure no one wants to hear this while on vacation, but if you think about it, you really should cut back. You’ll be more productive on your trip and save some calories for treats. Start small by ending you drinking by midnight or limiting yourself to 1 or 2 nights of indulgence during the whole trip.


100 Days on the Road and Still Staying Strong
100 Days on the Road and Still Staying Strong
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How to Travel the World with Just a Carry-On Bag

How to Travel the World with Just a Carry-On Bag

How is it possible to cram everything you need  in a carry-on bag for a trip around the world? It isn’t possible to bring EVERYTHING you will use over the entire course of the trip. Just follow these steps, and you will do just fine:

  1. Make sure you have your passport and some cash. That is all you really need.
  2. Go take a shower, let your hair air-dry, look in the mirror, and accept what you look like to prevent over packing.
  3. Jam the essentials in a carry-on sized bag.
  4. Budget to buy anything you couldn’t fit in your bag or that needs refills.

That second one is a little hard to do/ impossible for most, including myself. You don’t have to fully sacrifice your “look”, but you might have to leave a couple outfits or a pair of shoes behind if you can’t do without makeup or hair styling devices.

In this post, I will outline what I packed for my trip and  how I packed it. Use this as a guide and adjust your list for your needs and the climate/ activities planned for your trip. During my trip, I will be covering all climates except extreme cold, and will be focusing on walking/ hiking and time in the water.


Here is my travel pack:
My Osprey Fairpoint 40 liter bag filled
Osprey Farpoint 40 L

I would not go any larger than a 40 liter bag for carry-on sizing. If you need to double check the size, simply visit your airline’s website. Bring a separate carry-on purse/pack if you need a little extra room.

Here is what to pack:

The contents on my pack displayed

    • And your drivers license
    • 2 Visa credit cards
      • Visa seems to be the most widely accepted credit card
      • Carry one, store the other
      • Try to find credit cards that do not have a foreign transaction fee
    • 1 Visa debit card
      • Try to find one that has ATM fee reimbursement or a smaller fee
    • ~$200 cash
  • Clothes:
    • **Do not pack anything you won’t wear
    • 2 Jackets – 1 rain, 1 warm
      • Try and find compact jackets. The two pictured are the REI co-op down coat and The North Face Women’s Resolve Plus jacket. I stuffed both of these into small bags to keep them compact.
    • 3 Pairs of pants – 1 jean, 1 hiking, 1 comfy
    • 1 Pair of yoga pants
    • 2 Pairs of shorts
    • 2 Pairs of athletic shorts
    • 5 T-shirts
    • 2 Athletic T-shirt
    • 1 Nice/cute shirt
    • 2 Long-sleeve shirts
    • 1 Cardigan
    • 2 Sleep shirts
    • 1 Sun protecting shirt
      • Not necessary if you are lucky and tan
    • 1 Bathing suit
    • 4 Bras: 2 regular, 1 sport, 1 comfy
    • 10 Pairs of underwear
    • 6 Pairs of socks: 4 regular, 2 hiking
    • 3 Pairs of shoes: 1 hiking, 1 Chacos, 1 flip flops
      • Comfort is key here
  • Toiletries:
    • Liquids:
      • Shampoo
      • Face wash
      • Toothpaste
      • Face lotion
      • Lotion
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Sunscreen
      • Bug spray
      • Neosporin
    • First Aid:
      • Band aids
      • Medical tape
      • Mole skin
        • Cut into usable size pieces
      • Benadryl
      • Advil Cold and Sinus
      • Zzzquil (or your sleep aid of choice)
      • Maleria meds
      • Sea bands
    • Other:
      • Tooth brush
      • Tissues
      • Lufa
      • Hair ties
      • Razor
      • Tweezers
      • Pens
      • Tampons
      • Eye cover
      • Ear plugs
  • Electronics
    • 1 Laptop
    • 1 Laptop charger
    • 4 USB to USB c dongles
    • 1 Cell phone
    • 2 Cell phone chargers
    • 1 DSLR camera with lens
      • I have the Sony Alpha 7
    • 2 camera chargers
    • 1 Mini tripod
    • 4 SD cards: 2 32 gig, 1 16 gig, 1 8 gig
    • 1 Go-Pro Hero 4
    • 3 Go-Pro batteries
      • They do not have a long battery life so make sure to bring extras
    • 1 Go-Pro charger
    • 1 pack of Go-Pro anti-fog inserts
      • Necessary for diving
    • 1 Go-Pro flotation stick
    • 2 Pair of head phones
    • 1 portable charger
    • 3 Europe plug adapters
    • 2 UK plug adapters
    • 2 Asia plug adapters
    • Head lamp
  • Other
    • PADI certification card
    • Rain cover for the pack
    • Dirty laundry bag
    • A small purse with a metal strap to prevent theft
      • Always wear this across your body
    • Collapsible water bottle
    • A 3-liter water bladder
    • A day pack
      • Try and find the smallest one possible
    • Exorcise bands
      • These are packable and a great way to stay in shape on your trip

I am also bringing Lady Mantis (the picture of Kelly, Megan, and Mary) and a Zonkeyland shirt to make them part of the adventure.

Notice that everything can be purchased on the trip besides your passport and cash. Make sure to budget a little extra to cover anything left behind.

How to Pack

I prefer rolling all of my clothes vs folding them. This seems to allow better use of the space by filling and voids and your clothes are less wrinkly.

My filled pack
My filled bag

I placed my clothes and the electronics  in the main compartment of my pack. This protects my electronics and gives me easy access to my clothes.

I split the toiletries into three bags to lay them flat in the outside pocket of my pack along with my small purse.

My toiletry bags

And that is that! Take anything you want access to on the plane out and  store it in your day pack on travel days.

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